SEO is extremely important for better searchability and visibility. But it also offers a lot more value than that. Ensuring your website has the best possible organic rankings means that you can drive your business, without paying a ridiculous amount for ads. Implementing strategies to improve aspects such as your businesses Local SEO rankings, will help you attract quality customers to your business.


Benefits of SEO

On the surface, the main goal of SEO optimisation is to improve your sites ranking in search results. However, there are other benefits such as attracting more traffic to your website, without always needing to use paid advertising. Ideally, by generating more traffic and also optimising your site for its users, traffic should convert to customers and leads.


  • Organic Search Is the Primary Source of Web Traffic

When you search a query on Google and other search engines, the first 5-10 results are usually paid advertisements relating to this search. What comes underneath these advertisements are classed as organic search results. This means that they have not paid for their position, and search engines have placed them in this position based on website and content quality. Studies show that most searchers never go past the third page of search results, usually staying on the first page. This means that by optimising your website to comply with SEO, search engines will see the quality and credibility of your website, ranking it higher in these results. This will improve your website traffic, which could potentially turn into leads and potential customers.


  • SEO Doesn’t Require Paid Ad Space 

Traditional campaigns operate by determining where you want your brand to appear, for example, a magazine or blog. Then you pay the company that owns this media for placement. You may pay for a certain length of time, but once this period is up your add stops appearing. This means it will then stop generating results for your business. However, optimising your website to improve its on-site SEO will increase your rankings. This means that when a potential customer searches for your services or products, you rank higher in the search results meaning you have more chance of clicks and users visiting your website. This will continue to show up in search results, as long as your site is optimised, lengthening the ad time and reducing costs to zero.


  • It Boosts Credibility and Authority

With the growth of the internet and the dominance it holds in everyday life, sales processes have drastically changed for many businesses. That’s because today’s consumers have a wealth of resources to research their options before they choose which company or brand they would like to go with. SEO optimisation will help your business become a part of that process. By creating quality and informative content, you have the opportunity to build credibility and trust with potential customers.


  • Good SEO Also Means Better User Experience

User experience is a big part of achieving better organic rankings and visibility. Google has learnt to interpret and take into account favourable user experiences. This has become a pivotal element to Google’s success, as it wants to present its users with easily accessible information, related to their chosen search.  If the customers know what they want but can’t find it, this will cause a problem leading to performance suffering. Your website needs to be easy to navigate leading them to the information they require in as few clicks as possible.

SEO Expert

Here at Get Found, our SEO experts have a wide range of high-quality experience in all aspects of SEO optimisation. We have greatly improved organic rankings for our clients, leading to a boom in sales or inquiries. We will complete a Technical Audit on your website and rank needed optimisation in high, medium and low priority. This helps us to improve your website’s rankings as quickly as possible. For help with your websites on-site and off-site SEO, contact Get Found today.