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Get-Found are your SEO consultants for Manchester businesses – helping firms of all sizes and from all industries in the Greater Manchester area.

Our tailored strategies are set to optimise your website so that they are seen by the right people, at the right time.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new business or take your online presence to new heights, our local SEO for Manchester will help you reach your audience in an effective and engaging way.

Our team of specialists offer an impressive range of services that are charged to help your company achieve the highest search rankings possible.

SEO Manchester
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SEO Manchester

Manchester is an epicentre if you are looking for a variety of scenery. From the beautiful buildings in Nashua to Moose Alley in the Great North Woods, New Hampshire radiates a beauty that is unmatched by any other state.

Plenty of small businesses in Manchester have an online presence and are only further awakening to the importance and power of SEO (search engine optimisation). However, what many don’t realise is that SEO is not just about being visible to search engines, but also putting plans in place that ensure you are discovered by the potential customers who are looking for your product or service.

That is where Get-Found can assist you. We are a SEO agency for Manchester businesses and are primed to increase your leads, get your business in top spots on Google and getting more people coming through your doors – all thanks to our proven SEO techniques!

Our Manchester SEO Services

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Reach a larger audience, further your brand, and build reputable backlinks through digital PR campaigns.

A perfectly-crafted PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign instantly gets eyes on your brand and your website.

We Do Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Increase your visibility and spread the word of your brand through targeted and memorable Email campaigns

We Offer SEO Optimisation
SEO Optimisation

Reach the top of your potential customers’ search results through search engine optimisation.

Grow your presence on social media, building your brand, and reaching a wider audience.

Increase your visibility and spread the word of your brand through targeted and memorable digital PR campaigns.

Lets Get You Ranking On Google

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website according to Google’s ranking signals so that it ranks highly on the search results page. 

If you are looking to drive high volumes of organic traffic to your website.

SEO Manchester is extremely powerful because the user’s intent is set when they make the search. This isn’t like the past when you put an ad in the newspaper hoping that somehow the right person finds your advertisement.

This is another level. This is because the person who is searching is directly looking for the very thing that you are offering!



The Influence Of Google

Did you know that Google currently has over 85% of the search engine market?

Google has already received 943 billion searches this year alone and as you can see from these statistics, Google plays the primary role in providing the world’s information.

All it takes is a device that can access the internet and with smart technology becoming more readily available, peoples answers are available with a reach into their pocket.

Your potential customers are literally fingertips away from you. But if your website is not optimised according to Google’s best practises, you will remain invisible to the majority of your market – something you simply cannot afford.

See Revenue Skyrocket With SEO
Would You Like More Leads In Manchester?

How Would You Like More Leads In Manchester?

Are you frustrated that your phone is hardly ringing for enquiries?

If so, it’s because there are SEO opportunities that you haven’t capitalised on. Latest studies show that around 75% of all the clicks go to the first five search results. Is your website in the top 5 for your targeted keyword?

From impeccable content creation, link building through off-page optimisation and optimal technical SEO, we have the expertise needed to help you rise above your competitors, attract more customers and become the business that stands out in your local community.

Get-Found can help you generate more leads using the proven techniques from our SEO Manchester consultants. We are on a mission to get your products and services reaching the broadest possible audience. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can get you found!


The Value That SEO Can Bring To Your Business

Good SEO can help drive high quality traffic to your website and convert that traffic into regular, paying customers!

Investing in this type of quality SEO brings strength to both your online rankings and website user experience

Here are just a few wins that SEO can bring to your long term success:


To get to page one,
we can get the work done.

Organic SEO Manchester

49% of marketers report that organic SEO has the best ROI of any marketing channel!

Organic SEO is a marketing strategy that seeks to improve website rankings on search engines. Whilst PPC is a useful and paid means to online visibility, SEO is an investment that aims to rank you highly for the long term without needing an extensive ad budget.

The underlying principle of content marketing and organic SEO strategy is to see a steady increase in quality web traffic, new visitors and therefore potential customers who are genuinely interested in the products or services being offered.

There are many aspects of organic search engine optimisation that may be complicated and time-consuming to do correctly by yourself. Get-Found are here to make SEO work in your favour!

Organic SEO Manchester

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Local SEO Manchester

Target Highly-Targeted Leads With Local SEO

Local SEO helps users find relevant and local businesses in their area.

Having your business in Manchester come up in local search results is a must – With purchasing intent already being established once the search is made, potential customers don’t need much convincing! They just need to see you at the top and choose to trust you because of your reviews.

It is a service that is full of complicated jargon and technical acronyms that are designed for professionals in the field. We are tackling this from a different angle, that’s for sure!

With consistent client relationships at the forefront of what we do, we break down the lingo and make your SEO Manchester campaign easy to understand so that we can walk together on the journey of increased visibility and organic traffic!


5 Things That Google Loves

Did you know that Google holds around 92% of the global market share for search engines?

As a platform that opens up the possibility for to generate high volumes of traffic to your site, it would be foolish to omit the factors that please Google’s algorithms.

Here are just 5 of many different things that can help you get ranked on Google:

  1. Use relevant and long-tail keywords for your business
  2. Write brilliant content that answers searcher’s questions!
  3. Perform a Technical Audit to ensure your site is technically healthy
  4. Gain authority by earning backlinks 
  5. Develop your ‘Google My Business profile’ (GMB) to stand out in local search
5 Things That Google Loves

PPC Or SEO In Manchester?

At Get-Found, we offer both SEO and PPC services.

Here is an analogy that might help you understand both of their roles in your digital marketing strategy.

PPC is like airbnb. It’s a fantastic way of finding instant exposure to your target audience and gain fast results. However, as time goes on, you might have to pay more as there are many other people fighting for the same location.

SEO is like building a house. Whilst the upfront investment can seem scary and intimidating, the long term R.O.I can be unbelievable. Once you attain a high search engine ranking, you’ll be driving high quality traffic to your site, without spending a penny.

Did you know that R.O.I of SEO can be as high as 12.2x on a paid search campaign?

Imagine what that can do for your long term business plan!


Why Use PPC Marketing?


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