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With over 3.96 billion users across all social platforms, there’s no doubt that social media has become the greatest digital marketplace we’ve ever seen.

If you are looking to rapidly increase leads, sales and the online presence of your business, you’ll need the help of a social media agency in Birmingham to help you meet your customers right where they are at.

Through customer engagement strategies and state of the art content creation, you can capture the attention of your target audience – A great way to stay ahead of the competition.

Social Media Agency Birmingham
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Social Media Management Birmingham

Social Media Management Birmingham

At Get-Found, we offer you the chance to work with some of the most dedicated social media professionals  in the industry. In addition to social media marketing in Birmingham, we have helped different types of companies across the UK achieve excellent results.

We are on a mission to help businesses achieve greatness online. Give us a call if you want to learn more about how we can build your reputation through successful social media marketing on the platform best suited to you.

How About This?

We explain the start of the process when you become a client of Get-Found
Social Media Campaigns

Meet your personal SEO accounts manager! This is our chance to get to know YOU. We want to understand your business, your story and your goals inside out.

Technical SEO is a vital part of our SEO strategy
Bespoke Content Creation

We will conduct a technical audit of your website to assess every issue that is hindering search engines from crawling / indexing your site

Keyword research is an integral part of our SEO Strategy
Paid Social Marketing

We’ll conduct an in depth analysis to target the relevant keywords that contain optimal business potential for your website.

Lead generation is a part of our SEO strategy
Traffic & Lead Generation!

From content creation to link-building, we’ll boost your sites authority, generate quality traffic and convert curious visitors into paying customers.

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What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency?

A social media marketing agency is a creative company that develops and runs social media marketing strategies and campaigns for clients. 

This type of strategy is best used when you aim to engage with your ideal audience on social media platforms, utilising either paid advertising or organic content creation.

One of the main benefits of working with an advertising agency is increased efficiency. When all is said and done, business owners want to make as much money as possible – but you’ll need a tailored plan according to your niche, your business and your target audience.

What is a social media marketing agency?

Build Brand Awareness Across All Major Social Media Platforms!


Amongst all social media platforms, Facebook ranked #1 in investment, quality of leads, and return on investment (ROI) for paid ads in 2021. Facebook accumulates around 2.91 billion monthly active users.


One of the most popular social media platforms amongst influencers due to engagement. 44% of users shop for products on Instagram weekly, with over 1 billion monthly active users.


Approximately 436 million people use Twitter each month, with 52% using the platform daily. Toward the end of 2021, it had revenue of $1.284 billion.


TikTok earned an estimated $1.9 Billion in revenue in 2020, with 63% of TikTok ads being successful due to their engaging and persuasive style of content for young and old users.


In 2021, LinkedIn ad revenue grew by 37% while organic session engagement grew by 22%. Advertising on LinkedIn has increased the purchase intent of brands by 33%.


On Pinterest, shoppers have 85% larger shopping carts and spend twice as much per month. 7 in 10 Pinners say they trust in Pinterest for finding products and services. Pinterest boasts approximately 400 million users per month.

What Is A Social Media Platform?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are popular types of social platforms (also known as social networks) that over half of the world’s population uses – making them the perfect way to attract new, potential customers.

By creating eye-catching, informational content such as reels, shorts, polls and stories, you can capture the full attention of active users who are searching for the product or services that you offer.  

There are other platforms which you can utilise to increase your brand awareness, such as Media Sharing platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Youtube – which will increase the chances of visually impressing your target audience.

Do you need advice from one of our Social Media Experts? 

Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help your business get found across the social media platforms best suited to you.

What Is A Social Media Platform?
What Are The Benefits Of Using Social Media For Businesses?

How Can Social Media Help My Business In 2023?

According to projections, social commerce growth will reach 26% annually by the end of 2022.

In fact – by 2025, the market is expected to reach $1.2 trillion (£1.03 trillion) – more than double its current value!  

Active engagement in eCommerce is at an all time high. And now with state of the art analytics tools at hand, brands have the opportunity of a lifetime to expand at lightning speed.

By posting engaging content and creating relevant ads, its possible to grab the attention of their visitors and guide them into paying customers.

Our Bespoke Social Media Services Include:

We describe what a social media marketing agency does.

Reap These 5 Social Media Benefits Today

Boost Brand Awareness

We will conduct a full competitor analysis and keyword research audit. As we evaluate your niche, it's our job to help you target the right keywords.

The traditional approach of 'low competition, high volume' isn't enough. We can help you target the keywords that contain BUSINESS VALUE and helps insert your business into your customers journey - no matter what stage they are at.

Increase Customer Engagement

Technical SEO is the foundation of any successful website. If a search engine cannot efficiently crawl your websites content, your hopes of ranking will be hindered.

Thats why we will conduct a full technical audit of your site and ensure it is of full 'optimal health' and ticks every box in the eyes of Google's search bots.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Writing blogs can be a powerful way to grow your business and establish authority in your industry.

We will develop a content creation strategy based on our bespoke keyword research. Our team of content writers will focus on adding value to your audience and in return, generating high-quality traffic to your site.

Drive Website Traffic

Backlinks from high-authority sites are seen as ‘votes’ for your business. Google loves this and over time, will prioritise your website over others as you have established a high level of trust online.

Thats why link-building and local citation building will be a vital part of our strategy.

Take Advantage Of The Latest Trends

We go one step further. We will utilise the expertise of our social media and PPC specialists to create a strategy that helps achieve your marketing goals by expanding your influence on a variety of relevant channels and platforms.

Social Media Marketing, Done The Right Way

Social Media has become an integral part of our lives. For many, its the first place they go in the morning and the last place they visit at night!

Our social media experts will assist in the launch of your products and the creation of your brand. With social analytics tools at our disposal – we put plans in place to drive quality leads and sales to your website. 

We’ll research your target audience and develop a schedule to post a diverse range of relevant content – at the best time of day.

Furthermore, as part of a digital marketing strategy, paid and organic social media services both have an important role to play – We are here to help you utilise them both. 

With our help, you’ll be on your way to expanding your social media presence in no time!

What Is International SEO?

Social Media FAQ's

The number of people using social media is 4.62 billion as of Q1 2022, which represents 58.4% of the global population. In 2021, just over 50% of the world used social media. That’s an 8% increase since then!

Social media managers are responsible for managing social media accounts for brands. Social media specialists can do everything from developing social media marketing strategies, creating content, analysing results, keeping up-to-date with social media algorithms, managing communities, and managing customer engagement.

Whichever one your business tailors the most to. For example, for those who wish to start a clothing brand, Instagram may be your best bet. It all just depends on the purpose of your business and where your target audience is located. 

In a few years’ time, your business may still be able to grow organically, however, if your competitors are utilising their social media platforms correctly, they could leave you behind in the long run – so make sure you keep up with the latest trend! Did you know that 12% of businesses within the last year planned to gain the majority of their sales from social media? 

Costs may vary depending on how far you’d like to push your brand. This could also depend on the amount of time and effort required for your business to grow effectively. For more information, get in touch with us. We can’t be beaten at any price!  

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