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With PPC, you can reach your target audience quickly and effectively with highly targeted ad campaigns.

If you are looking for a tried and tested strategy to skyrocket  website traffic and produce rapid results, PPC is for you.

You can rely on our experts at Get-Found to develop Pay-Per-Click campaigns that are built on relevant data and insights. We specialise in getting your brand in front of relevant eyes and drive immediate traffic to your website.

PPC Agency Birmingham
We help businesses who want to maximise their PPC campaigns!
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PPC Birmingham

PPC Birmingham

PPC is a brilliant tool to have in your marketing arsenal if you want to gain instant exposure to your target audience. If you are looking to drive a high volume of traffic to your website and increase sales in short bursts, PPC is a must for you! 

A successful digital strategy often includes a paid search campaign, which can be a great way to increase website traffic. Although there are organic channels such as SEO and social media advertisements, an optimal paid search strategy allows you to reach your targeted audience instantly. 

Whether its Google ads PPC, Facebook or another form of paid search, you’ve come to the right place! 

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How Our PPC Services Can Help Your Digital Strategy

We have gained a huge reputation throughout Birmingham and other major cities in the UK for our effective PPC Birmingham services that have boosted customer acquisition for our clients over the last few years.

With PPC, you can reach your target audience quickly and effectively with highly targeted ad campaigns. You can generate immediate results by bringing your products and services to your audiences’ attention and driving them to an excellent landing page.

Paid campaigns can be divided into many parts and targeted in a variety of ways. These include:

With our PPC Management services, you’ll be in a brilliant position to start generating leads and sales through your website.

PPC Management Birmingham

What We Offer
We offer PPC Audits

PPC Audits

Upon taking charge of your account – we can undertake a full audit of your current PPC campaigns. We’ll be able to understand whats been working, and what needs improving.

We offer conversion tracking

Conversion Tracking

Analysis plays an enormous role in all of our work – Our tools help track all conversions to better understand the customer journey.

We offer bidding strategies

Bidding Strategies

With extensive experience working on PPC campaigns, we’ll ensure that money isn’t being wasted – In fact, we’ll help reduce your Cost-Per-Click.

We offer remarketing campaigns

Remarketing Campaigns

We’ll implement strong remarketing campaigns that allow you to target visitors  who have previously shown an interest in your products.

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What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

When you search on Google to evaluate products and services, you’ll notice that the first few search results have a little ‘Ad’ logo on the top left of their website title tag. Businesses who are looking to find instant exposure to their target audience usually utilise paid advertising as part of their marketing strategy.

When your campaign begins, your web page will be advertised on the page when someone makes a search. You’ll be charged every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement. This is why it is named CPC (Cost-Per-Click).

However, you won’t be alone in this process. Many other businesses are also looking to display their ads for the same keyword. To determine who ranks prominently, Google assesses the relevance of your ad as well as how competitive your bid is for the keyword.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?
Why is SEO important?

Why Use PPC Marketing?

PPC advertising is an industry that is constantly expanding.

Google themselves have estimated that PPC helps to increase brand awareness by 80% – a great investment for businesses.

If you are looking to improve the visibility and conversion rate on your website, PPC offers you a brilliant platform to generate instant results.

Combined with an effective SEO strategy, PPC is a brilliant way to generate sales quickly, whilst preparing your website to benefit from high volumes of monthly organic traffic in the long run.

With so many businesses trying to display ads for a keyword, you’ll need to have an effective PPC campaign, aimed towards the right keyword and a perfect landing page to ensure you maximise your conversion rate.

Local PPC Management

If you are a small business that wants to compete against your local competitors, our PPC specialists can utilise our data driven tools to create highly-targeted campaigns on Google and other social platforms that are best suited to your niche.

For example, if you own a coffee shop in the Birmingham city centre, we would create a google ads campaign which specifically targets local residents who are searching for the best cup of coffee in town. Or, if you’re a plumber based in London who wishes to target other surrounding areas, then our ads would be optimised to start generating leads from those specific areas.

With PPC, businesses are able to increase in-store visits by 107% when they target their audiences by location!

Fortunately for you, this isn’t our first rodeo! We can help your business grow through paid search results, increase revenue and boost your conversion rate effectively.

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eCommerce Campaigns & Ads

eCommerce Campaigns & Ads

Every eCommerce marketing strategy will absolutely benefit from shopping ads.

In fact, ad campaigns are what make or break an Ecommerce launch, because its success is truly dependent on how visible they are to potential customers.

We can help you connect with your customers when they are researching products by using and optimising Google Shopping.

As we abide by eCommerce advertising best practices, we’ll be in a great position to benefit from consistent and compounding sales.

Book a free appointment with one of our ad experts to get support crafting your media strategy!

Why Choose To Work With A PPC Agency?

PPC is a process that needs continual change if you want to see the best results in the midst of changing seasons and trends.

If you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to PPC marketing, you risk blowing your ad spend very quickly – leaving you with scarce results.

Our specialists will develop ad campaigns that generate a high ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). As an experienced eCommerce PPC agency, we’ll ensure an effective use of your existing marketing budget and get your brand in front of the right people.

Like trusting accountants with the book keeping, leaving PPC to the experts will generate a high R.O.I for your marketing efforts.

Why Choose To Work With A PPC Agency?
How Is PPC Beneficial For My Business?

How Is PPC Beneficial For My Business?

Advertisers can display ads to their target audience almost instantly with PPC. 

Let’s say your newly established business has started to rank higher organically on search results, but you’re struggling to increase your traffic and conversions. 

Most likely, your competitors are utilising Google Ads along with other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram – taking advantage of a whole stream of leads. 

6 Benefits Of PPC Advertising

PPC Audits

With our PPC auditing service, our team will conduct an audit of your account, aiming to identify any issues with your current campaigns. This will help create the foundation for our work going forward. 

To get started, we’ll assess your KPIs, the location of your existing campaigns and how effectively your ad groups have been set up.  By understanding your targeted keywords, extensions and the quality score of your campaigns, we will have a great idea of how to move forward.

Combining the understanding of your business with the findings from our comprehensive audit, we can identify what isn’t working with your campaigns and develop a clear plan for conversion rate optimisation.

PPC Audits

What Is A PPC Agency?

Through pay-per-click advertising, PPC companies help businesses generate more revenue, leads and traffic.

Their PPC campaigns should include Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, YouTube advertising and other social media platforms. With the assistance of a PPC company, you can ensure that your monthly or weekly budget is set up for maximal impact. 

PPC agencies should also offer suggestions as to how you can spend your allocated budget to achieve your specific marketing goals. A common approach is to look at the relative volume per campaign and explore the potential gain available for you to capitalise on.

Why Choose Get-Found?

Why Choose Get-Found?

As a corporate business, the time it takes to run successful campaigns can be quite difficult without an expert guiding you in the right direction. 

Get-Found has worked with many businesses over the last 3 years who have seen some pretty amazing results from our PPC specialists. Check out some of our client case studies and reviews to see some of the brilliant results we’ve acquired during our journey. 

Not only will we manage your PPC services for you at an affordable price, but our team will also set up your ads, optimise them accordingly and give you consistent reports to monitor your return on ad spend. 


PPC is very effective. It is a well-known fact in this industry that 28% of respondents said that they had the highest ROI from search PPC campaigns. 

PPC is an online internet marketing tool which allows advertisers to pay a fee each time their advertisements get clicked on. Once the customer has clicked on the advert, it will redirect them to your website – putting your site in good stead to benefit from increased traffic and conversions.

All types of businesses can use PPC ads. PPC is an effective method of marketing your products and services to a high volume of customers on the lookout for what you have to offer. From new shoes to a PPC agency like us, there are always people searching for something!

Due to the different goals and requirements of each campaign, PPC campaigns do not have a standard price. We tailor each PPC campaign to meet the company’s needs and this needs to be taken into account when creating a campaign. We would be glad to send you a PPC quotation if you need one – just give us a call.


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