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Are you still on the fence about your local online visibility?

Well, your customers won’t be in 2023 as 62% of them choose to disregard businesses they cannot find online. 

If your business is based in Coventry or Warwick, you are going to need a tailored SEO plan to stand out from the crowd. You could have the best service in the city, but if you aren’t appearing in the top 5 search results, you are essentially visible to your potential customers. 

That’s where Get-Found has you covered! Located 40 minutes across the M6 in Birmingham, we are a leading Coventry SEO company for local businesses. We specialise in driving high-quality leads and sales through their websites.

We will help you increase your revenue with our bespoke SEO services for Coventry businesses
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SEO Coventry

If you think Coventry’s golden days are over, then think again.

After being awarded the City of Culture for 2021 and being a host city for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Coventry has no sign of slowing down.

If you are an SME in Coventry, you are basking in opportunity!

The city has 3 programmes available until June 2023 providing over £5.5 million of direct grant funding for qualifying businesses to scale their activities. With 390 SMEs having benefited already from this project, it’s evident that businesses are realising the importance of local SEO to increase their visibility in the community.

Our team does not want you to get left behind. With 88% of online shoppers performing research online before making a purchase – it is crucial that you are right up there when customers are making local searches. 

How SEO can help your Coventry Business

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Our Services For Coventry

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Reach a larger audience, further your brand, and build reputable backlinks through digital PR campaigns.

We Offer PPC

A perfectly-crafted PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign instantly gets eyes on your brand and your website.

We Do Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Increase your visibility and spread the word of your brand through targeted and memorable Email campaigns

We Offer SEO Optimisation
SEO Optimisation

Reach the top of your potential customers’ search results through search engine optimisation.

We Offer Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Grow your presence on social media, building your brand, and reaching a wider audience.

We Offer Digital PR
Digital PR

Increase your visibility and spread the word of your brand through targeted and memorable digital PR campaigns.

This helps you understand why you need SEO in 2023

Do I Need SEO In 2023?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website so that you can be found organically at the top of search results pages.

As long as you want to be in business, then your online visibility is of utmost importance. With many businesses offering similar services to you, it is essential that you are in the limelight of a results page so that customers’ eyes are on you. 

Here are a few of the wins you can expect to see with SEO:

💡 Decrease your PPC budget as your organic traffic develops

💡 Witness an exponential increase in sales, enquiries and revenue

💡Find it easier to rank for future keywords in the long term

💡 Build a User Experience that people remember.

💡Increase your website’s authority and credibility in Google’s eyes

Sound Interested? – Leave it to the experts.

3 Strategies For SEO Success

Bespoke Keyword Research🔓

We ensure that your business is targeting the right keywords. We don't want you fighting battles that are not meant for you.

It's essential that you find the most relevant and uniquely opportune keywords for your business to stand out.

Unmatched Content Creation🔓

We all trust the writing experts when we make our searches on Google.

We will put a content marketing strategy in place to build topical authority. Gone are the days of thin content! Our specialists will build you content that has answers to your searchers' burning questions.

Impeccable On-site SEO 🔓

Around 60% of all website traffic worldwide comes from mobile phones - if you are looking to improve your user experience and Google rankings - Its essential that your website is optimised for its mobile users.

Local SEO can help you increase visibility in your local area

Get Found In Coventry With Local SEO

Try this out for me. Type your business niche and location into the search bar and have a look at the results. 

Let’s say you are a Dentist based in Bell Green, for example, search for “(Dentist) Bell Green” or “(Invisalign) Near Me” 

Can you find your business? 

If you’re not in the top 4, you have a slim chance of being clicked on, let alone chosen. 

That’s why we love local SEO for Coventry businesses. It is a simple but powerful strategy to engage with a customer’s set purchasing intent. 

By implementing a couple of local techniques such as a custom-tailored user experience and optimising your ‘Google My Business’ profile, you are on your way to earning the prerogative to rank first on local searches and becoming your customer’s number one ‘go to’ in your community.

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Uncover Your Online Potential With Organic SEO

The world of organic search is more dynamic than ever. With the explosion of reliance on the internet for searcher’s queries, Google is developing at rapid rates to ensure its users get the most efficient user experience. 

It is essential that your agency is up to date with Google’s best practices and hits SEO from all angles to ensure they are meeting every requirement that a search engine is looking for.

Our SEO services in Coventry also include:

  🏆Link Building  🏆Industry Recognised Dental SEO 

🏆Professional Technical Audits 🏆Mobile SEO 

🏆Web Design And Optimisation 🏆SEO Copywriting

🏆Social Media Management 🏆eCommerce SEO 

Organic SEO can help you generate a consitent flow of traffic and revenue for your business
We want people to know that they can get in touch with us if they need our SEO services

The Get-Found SEO Process

To kick off your partnership with Get-Found, you’ll be assigned a personal account manager who will be ready to understand your business and your SEO goals.

Once on board, we will conduct an in-depth Technical SEO audit and lay out an easy-to-follow 3-step plan so that you can clearly identify the roadmap to SEO success in Coventry.


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