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Did you know that the top 5 search results on Google get 75% of the clicks?

An impressive website is of no use if it’s not ranking highly on the results page. That’s why SEO for Southampton businesses is more important than ever. Without an effective SEO plan, countless potential customers can slip through you fingers every day. 

As one of the fastest-growing agencies in the U.K, our team of specialists at Get-Found are ready to provide you with a high quality SEO campaign to help you reap the benefits. Look no further if you are ready to see an increase in visibility and organic traffic online.

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Local SEO Southampton

Let’s say you are a local cafe with great vegan alternatives. If someone in your location searches ‘Vegan Food near me’, you are going to want to be right up there on the results page. Customers look through the first few results and make their choice in seconds.

 To win at Local SEO in Southampton, you’ll need a fresh set of local practices to stand out online amid Google’s constantly changing algorithms.

Instead of making mistakes on your own, this is where Get-Found can help. We take care of your ‘Google My Business’ listing, develop your site for mobile experience and optimise the scary technological stuff too.

 Appearing highly on local searches is underrated and extremely powerful for small to medium businesses. If done right, you can develop a compelling brand awareness strategy and become your customer’s number 1 choice in your local area.

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It's Time To Reach Your Target Audience Today With Our SEO Services For Southampton

It's Time To Reach Your Target Audience With Our SEO Services Southampton

As the city that launched the renowned Titanic, Southampton’s maritime heritage is only developing as an upcoming candidate for the 2025 ‘City of Culture’. Being in one of the fastest growing economies in the UK, the best way to help your business stand head and shoulders above the rest is through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

The fact that you are reading this right now shows that you know the impact that SEO can have on your business. 

However, learning how to understand search engines can be a daunting task. Partnering with Get-Found can help lift the weight off your shoulders knowing that your online marketing for Southampton is in the hands of SEO experts, who know exactly what they are doing. 

Our Services For Southampton

Reach a larger audience and increase your brand awareness through memorable digital PR campaigns.

A perfectly-crafted PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign helps you find instant exposure to your target audience.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Spread the word about your brand through targeted and memorable email campaigns.

Reach the top of your potential customers’ search results through search engine optimisation. (SEO)

Grow your presence on social media, build your brand, and reach a wider audience.

Convert your traffic into consistent leads, inquiries and sales through conversion rate optimisation. (CRO)

So How Can SEO Benefit Your Southampton Business?

Did you know that 88% of online shoppers first search online before buying a product? Our world is operating online more and more and it is important that you don’t get left behind.

Appearing on the first search engine results page doesn’t happen by accident. It’s important that we know what Google is looking for and then optimise our websites and content to prove that we are the most relevant. Through state of the art keyword research, building a strong backlink profile and ensuring your website is technically healthy, we’ll put your site in front of Google. In return, they’ll put you in front of the customers that you deserve to reach.

Here are a few ways that SEO Southampton can help you:

💡Skrocket leads, inquiries and sales

💡Strongly boost organic traffic to your website

💡Help improve your google rankings

💡Create captivating customer experiences

💡Track your results and keep moving forward with analytics tools

So How Can SEO Benefit Your Southampton Business?
Why Get-Found Is The SEO Agency For You

Why Get-Found Is The SEO Agency For You

Here at Get-Found, we believe that trust is the greatest currency. In just 3 years, we’ve managed to gain a huge reputation in all major cities throughout the UK and that is because our clients are not just numbers to us. 

The story of your business matters to us. We are firm believers in building relationships with our clients where we focus on understanding your business goals and assigning you a personal team specialist who you will meet with regularly for reports, updates and feedback.

We provide you with realistic ranking expectations depending on your niche and are transparent with not only our wins but also the challenges of our SEO efforts.

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5 Keys For SEO Success In Southampton

SEO is like a fine art. It’s an investment for the long term. However, the compounding effects of all your optimisations develop into a masterpiece. 

Here are 5 things you will definitely need to incorporate into your SEO strategy to get in Googles ‘good books’ and put you in good stead to climb the rankings and get right in view of your potential customers:

🔓Encompass the right keywords for your business in your websites content

🔓Develop a powerful content creation strategy that adds great value to your audience

🔓Perform a Technical Audit and make sure your site is of ‘technical health’

🔓Build a website that Google trusts by generating high quality backlinks

🔓 Improve your ‘Google My Business’ and local citation profile so you can appear to more local customers.


Why Get-Found Is The SEO Agency For You
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