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Based in Birmingham, Get-Found is a Digital Marketing Agency with over 25 years of combined experience.

Founded in 2019 by our founder Alex Davis and Co-Founder Jason Jackson, Get-Found has grown from strength to strength ever since!

From the start, the agency has always put a particular emphasis on employee well-being and personal development.

Why Work With Us?

At Get-Found, we ensure that all of the work we do is completely tailored to you. No strict checklists, no boilerplate content, but work that is built with your goals and objectives at the forefront.

We will provide you with monthly reports on a regular basis so you can see the effectiveness of our work. Our experienced marketing specialists are constantly looking for new ways to increase traffic and visibility for your business and boost your brand’s recognition across marketing platforms.

When working with us, you will get the expertise of a team with years of experience in the digital marketing industry. We have all worked in a wide array of industries, successfully building strong relationships with the most well-renowned businesses throughout the UK by helping them achieve greatness online!

Why Work With Us?
Alex Davis - He is our Founder and Managing Director

Alex Davis

Founder / Managing Director

As the Founder and Managing Director of Get-Found, it was my intention to start a company that would enable our clients to find a path to success through digital marketing. I founded the company in 2019, and with a solid 10 years of digital marketing sales experience and knowledge under my belt, Get-Found has skyrocketed to the top. 

I started Get-Found to make an impact in the digital space and that’s what we have done! As Managing Director, I ensure the team is fully supported and equipped in their role to deliver high-quality standard services. I am a passionate individual who has a great ambition to see everyone succeed. I work closely with our clients to drive their companies to new levels of success through the power of our digital marketing strategies.

Jason Jackson

Co-Founder / Director

As Director and Co-Founder of Get-Found, it is my duty to ensure that the team produce outstanding, tangible and measurable results for all of our clients. I head up learning and development across the company, training our staff to be superb expert professionals that put our client’s goals at the forefront of what they do. 

Since we started developing talent within Get-Found, the business has grown exponentially. I have five years of experience in main education with a teaching degree and five years of experience in sales, business development and digital marketing. I specialise in SEO and Paid Ads to help our clients generate more revenue for their business. 

Jason Jackson - He is our Co-Founder and Director
This is Amrita Khalsi - one of our digital marketing account managers

Amrita Kalsi

Digital Marketing Manager

I am an SEO account manager and my expertise is found in search engine optimisation. I  specialise in performing technical audits and building backlinks and have helped many of our clients increase their web pages visibility and ranking on Google.

I love my role at Get-Found. Being a part of Gen Z, I bring a very unique set of skills and perspectives to the team. By understanding the latest patterns and trends, I am able to spot gaps in the market that many people are unaware of – generating profitable opportunities for our clients.

My BTEC business course that i studied at college has put me in good stead to holistically understand the marketing industry – Its been a privilege to see businesses grow with the power of SEO!

Aidan Dhaliwal

Digital Marketing Manager

At Get-Found, I work as an SEO & Digital Marketing executive. Specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, it’s my job to get your business ranking highly on Google and increase leads and sales through your website. Whether it’s developing high-quality content marketing campaigns or technical audits , I build tailored plans to drive organic traffic to your site for your long term success!

I am passionate and excited about my role at Get-Found as I love to see businesses transformed by the power of SEO. Having spent four years living between two states – USA and U.K, working with multiple non-profit organisations, I come alive working with people and helping them to succeed in their sphere of influence.

This is Aidan Dhaliwal - one of our digital marketing account managers

Lavinia Appadoo

SEO Content Writer

As an SEO Content Writer, I write content for client’s websites and ensure everything is optimised to a high standard. I specialise in writing blogs and articles – many of them ranking page one on Google and driving thousands of monthly visits to their website.

Whether its instructional guides, copy for eCommerce, my content helps showcase our clients expertise to the market place. Combining my passion for writing and seeing people succeed, I absolutely come alive in my role here at Get-Found.

Working for Get-Found has helped me to grow in confidence and broadening my approach to writing with SEO. My bachelor’s degree in English and Theology has helped expand my creativity for this role and enhanced my expertise in grammar, construction of sentences and tone of voice.

This is our Lavinia Appadoo - Our SEO Content Writer
This is Jagdeep Mann - Our Website Developer

Jagdeep Mann

Website Developer

I am a website developer for Get-Found with over 12 years of experience in the industry.

My role is extremely technical – but put in simple terms, it involves handling all development-related tasks. It’s my job to ensure the most effective, and user friendly websites for our clients – primed for high search engine rankings!

With the data given to me by the team when performing technical audits, I future-proof your website with the latest, bespoke SEO technology and coding. Since starting at Get-Found over 2 years ago, I have mastered new skills and enhanced my SEO, which has taken my website development skills to the next level!

Daveen Kaur

Social Media Manager

I am a Social Media & Digital Marketing Executive at Get Found. For my clients I work on developing social media schedules, collaborating for content creation and researching to continuously improve the quality of our strategies. Whether that be identifying trends, changes in platform requirements or trialling new features. I enjoy working with Get Found as it is challenging with many opportunities to grow in my skillset and abilities.

My degree in Business Management with Marketing has helped me to be more practical in my role and seek creative solutions when progressing with clients.

This is Daveen Kaur - Our Social Media Manager
This is Ronny Vergara - one of our Digital PR Specialists

Ronny Vergara

Digital PR Specialist

I am a digital PR specialist here at Get-Found. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of PR and i’ve first hand seen how it can transform the credibility and brand recognition of a company.

Having over five years of experience working in the PR, I contribute my knowledge of media landscape, journalist connections and understanding of the news industry to bring impactful media placements to clients.

Coming from an academic background, I have found my vocation in Public Relations and Marketing, and I continue to improve my skills every day!

Rukshana Khan

Digital Marketing Manager

I have recently joined Get-Found as a SEO Accounts Manager. I have a passion for writing and studied English Language with Creative and Professional Writing at University which has enabled me to write content pieces for Get-Found and our clients. I create new content in order to produce a better user experience and allow for websites to rank higher on search engines such as Google. 

I have learnt a lot about digital marketing and SEO since beginning my journey at Get-Found. This has grown my confidence immensely. With the world of digital marketing changing constantly, there is always something new to learn which keeps me engaged and challenged.

This is Rukshana Khan - one of our digital marketing account managers

Olga Glioza

Digital PR Specialist

With over seven years of PR industry experience, at Get Found I specialise in defining and creating PR strategies for clients, writing up the press releases and defining their messaging to create an effective storytelling strategy. 

My professional background includes coordinating global marketing teams, managing art projects, working with PR clients in the agency environment – and helps me stay flexible and open-minded when working with clients and the media.

This is Olga Glioza - one of our Digital PR Specialists

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