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If your business is based in Milton Keynes, home of the renowned Bletchley Park, you’ll need a tailored SEO plan to get found at the top of the search engine results page.

With one of the highest business start-up rates in the country, it can be very easy to get lost in Milton Keynes’ business abyss. 

That’s where we come in – if you are looking to boost your online presence and generate sales through your website, Get-Found offers a variety of SEO services to ensure your company achieves the highest Google search ranking possible.

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We explain how SEO can benefit your Milton Keynes business.

SEO Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is not only known for its concrete cows and historical museums – it is a phenomenal place for your business to reach new heights.

With 5 international airports located within 90 minutes, this city is quickly becoming the ‘place to be’ for this next generation of our workforce.

As a result, there has never been a more important time to have a strong online presence to increase your traffic and bolster your conversions.

This is where our experts come in. With our tested SEO strategies – we can help you generate more leads, and make sure that those who are looking for your services – do not overlook you and choose someone else.

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Why Do I Need SEO?

Did you know that the top 5 results on Google get 75% of the clicks? 

And only 49% of small businesses invest in SEO? Just stop and think about that…

Ignorance about the need to optimise can have crucial consequences on your business visibility and affect your potential customer base. Why fight for 25% of the attention when you could happily engage with the 75%?

Gaining site credibility through Backlinks? Efficient technical SEO for your site’s crawlability? SEO can seem like a foreign language to most people.

Thankfully – this isn’t our first rodeo. With 25+ years of marketing experience between us, our specialists will create your tailored plan and lift the weight from your shoulders. Relying on an established SEO agency for Milton Keynes will give you a much easier time generating quality leads and converting them into loyal customers.

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Milton Keynes SEO

Our SEO Services Include:

Our technical SEO audits will ensure that the foundations of your website are in place and that your site is built to succeed, with no hindrances for users or search engines.

If you’re focused on generating business in your local area, our local SEO campaigns are tailored to ensure that you can increase your visibility in your immediate area.

If your brand is targeting multiple countries, we can build SEO campaigns for each target country, and ensure that your brand is properly positioned to reach a global audience.

With an online store, it’s key to ensure that you have an SEO campaign that will drive traffic and generate revenue.

Mobile SEO
Mobile SEO

SEO for mobile devices refers to optimising websites for search engines along with seamless viewing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Dental SEO is the process of making your dental practice appear higher in search engine results.

Let's Get You Found By Local Customers In Milton Keynes

Let’s say you are an up-and-coming independent coffee shop in Winslow, you’ll want to be right at the top of the results page when someone nearby searches ‘Best flat white near me’.

You could serve the best coffee, but if you don’t have effective local SEO – potential customers won’t know you even exist!

Having recently achieved city status as part of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Milton Keynes continues to develop as a commuter’s dream – providing efficient links into London and Birmingham. With the climb of the city as an enterprise hotspot, you’ll need a local SEO strategy to reach the increasing number of potential visitors who are right at your doorstep.

It’s of utmost importance to us that your visibility and discoverability are optimal. Out of 12,765 businesses in Milton Keynes, local SEO helps your business to stand out from the crowd and reach its full online potential.

We explain how our bespoke SEO services can have a huge impact on your marketing.
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We Build Relationships With Our Clients.

Unfortunately, many of our previous clients had a bad taste left in their mouths after working with a poor digital marketing agency.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to combat these preconceptions by implementing our team’s major core value – trust.

You’re not just a number to us. We believe that trust is a stronger currency than anything monetary and that building lasting relationships is the key to thriving commerce.

You’ll be assigned one of our specialists who will take the time to listen to your goals and understand what you need from our partnership. Combining the perfect balance of website focus and social media, we’ll go on to put together a tailored plan that fits your interests and ensure you get the ROI that you are looking for.

That’s what we’ve been doing since 2019 and are more dedicated than ever to combat the negative stigma and help our clients build a powerful presence in this exciting online era.

The Get-Found Process:

Stage 1 - Kick Off Call

Once on board, you'll be personally assigned one of our team specialists.

We will jump on a kick off call where you'll get to meet the whole team and your personal account manager. They will be dedicated to fully understanding your business's story and your digital marketing goals.

They'll work with you to create a tailored 3 month plan and will be at hand to walk with you at every step of the journey.

Stage 2 - Technical Audit

Technical SEO is the foundation of a successful SEO plan.

We will conduct a technical audit - meaning that we critically analyse your website to look for areas of improvement. We will provide a thorough feedback report to get your website 'technically' healthy and ready to rank.

Stage 3 - Keyword Research

Once we act on our audit, that's when the fun begins.

We will conduct our state of the art keyword research and develop our renowned content marketing strategies.

Our aim is to add value to your niche audience and drive high-quality traffic to your website. This is where the rubber meets the road. You'll begin to notice your rankings,  leads and conversions begin to climb!

Stage 4 - Implementation!

Of course, we will adapt our strategy to every business with every monthly report. 

With all of the essentials in place, we will really focus on off-page SEO - ensuring that your site's credibility continues to develop as your content attracts backlinks.

Remember that SEO is a long term investment! On average, you should expect to see results between 3-6 months. This is healthy and any agency promising quick fixes should send your alarm bells ringing.

If you are ready to get started with us - book a call!

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SEO is a strategy that improves your site’s position in search engine results. Your target audience will be searching for products and services like yours using specific keywords and phrases. Therefore, it’s necessary to optimise for these terms to put you in good stead for a high search ranking and increase your leads and sales.

If you want your site to be more visible online, then yes. As an SEO agency, it’s our duty to enhance your overall SEO ranking so you have the opportunity to gain more leads for your business. Like anything, you can learn anything yourself. However, in the ever changing world of SEO, it will take you years to master, even by doing it full time. By relying on a trusted SEO company, you can fast track the process of attracting more customers to your site, leading to more conversions for your business. 

SEO is known to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies in the industry right now. Instead of relying on paid marketing techniques, SEO helps your business grow organically. SEO helps your website rank higher on search engines, save costs on paid advertising fees and generate high quality, consistent organic traffic to your website for the long run.

Implementing good SEO will help your business right away. It usually takes 3-6 months before you start to reap the more prominent benefits of SEO.

This is because it takes time to build up your business’s online presence in order for you to succeed and gain more organic leads and traffic. Be wary of anyone telling you of quick fixes. Have faith in the process!

Far from it. In fact, 53% of all website traffic comes from organic searches – so as a business owner, you want to remain relevant in the digital world in order for your business to grow organically. If you are looking to thrive in the digital age and want to benefit from high quality organic traffic in the long run – SEO is a must for your business.

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