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Where are you appearing on the search results page when people are searching for your services?

If you are not in the top 3 – you are leaving a lot of revenue on the table. 

Thats why Get-Found exists! 

We’re an established SEO agency that helps Aberdeen businesses boost their Google rankings, organic traffic and qualified leads with Search Engine Optimisation.

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SEO Aberdeen

SEO Aberdeen

As the oil capital of Europe, Aberdeen continues to be a landmark for commerce in the U.K. Combining dynamic offshore with the freshest of Scottish Cuisine, Aberdeenshire is looking to see visitor spend reach £1 billion by 2023.

With all of this increasing demand and competition, the question arises:

How visible is my business to customers who are searching online?

If your face seems pretty bleak when answering this question, it’s time for us to put a SEO strategy in place to ensure that you can grow your business and stand out from the crowd.

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SEO With Tangible Results

SEO With Tangible Results.

Try this out. Type your business niche and location into the Google search bar and see the results. Let’s say your business is based in Aberdeen, for example, search for “ (Your Service) Aberdeen” or “(Your Niche) Near Me”

Can you find your business?

If you’re not in the top few results, you have a marginal chance of even being recognised, let alone chosen for business. Whether you are looking to increase your online presence, or reach more customers in the Aberdeen area, you are setting yourself up to fail without a tailored marketing strategy for SEO Aberdeen

As one of the fastest-growing SEO agencies, our team at Get-Found has been getting our clients the exposure they have been looking for. With our renowned digital marketing services, we ensure that your website is optimised and put in good stead to increase your organic traffic on Google search results.

Discover Four Ways SEO Can Boost Your Business Success

Higher Google Rankings
Increase Google Rankings

Rank highly for the keywords that potential customers are searching for.

Increased Organic Traffic
Skyrocket Organic Traffic

Watch your websites organic website traffic  grow month on month.

Increase leads, sales and revenue
Enquiries, Sales & Revenue

Convert visitors into leads, sales and revenue for your business.

Increase Brand Awareness
An Unforgettable User Experience

Boost brand awareness by creating a user experience that people remember.

What Is SEO?

The fact you are on this page right now is because you searched for something like ‘SEO Aberdeen’ or ‘SEO Agency Aberdeen’ and Google placed us as one of the first ranking searches to appear to you! 

This is the power of Search Engine Optimisation. 

SEO is the process of understanding how Search Engines indexes websites and optimising yours accordingly so that you rank highly on their results pages.

What is so powerful about Search Engine Optimisation is that the user’s intent is already set once they make the search. This isn’t like putting an ad in the newspaper hoping that somehow the right person finds your advertisement. This is even better. This is because the person who is searching is probably looking for the very thing that you are offering!

What Is SEO?

Our SEO Services For aberdeen

Our technical SEO audits will ensure that the foundations of your website are in place and that your site is built to succeed, with no hindrances for users or search engines.

If you’re focused on generating business in your local area, our local SEO campaigns are tailored to ensure that you can increase your visibility in your immediate area.

If your brand is targeting multiple countries, we can build SEO campaigns for each target country, and ensure that your brand is properly positioned to reach a global audience.

With an online store, it’s key to ensure that you have an SEO campaign that will drive traffic and generate revenue.

Mobile SEO
Mobile SEO

SEO for mobile devices refers to optimising websites for search engines along with seamless viewing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Dental SEO is the process of making your dental practice appear higher in search engine results.

Can SEO Get Me Results In Aberdeen?

Did you know that 76% of people who search on their phones for something near them visit a business within 24 hours?

If your website has good SEO, then it’s there to stay. If you are ranking in the top spot on Google, then you can expect to see a click-through rate of over 30%. 

Think about that. Around 400 people are searching for dentists a month in Aberdeen. If you are ranking in the top spot, you could be seeing up to 120 new visitors to your website each month! What could that do for your business?

Investing in a good SEO company does come with a price tag. But it is important to remember that there are great consequences in remaining invisible on Google and seeing potential customers walk straight past you. The fees involved with SEO are tied to long-term marketing success

Does SEO work in Aberdeen?

The Get-Found Approach To SEO

Our Kick Off Call

On our kick off call, you'll meet your personal SEO accounts manager!

This will be their chance to get to know your business. We want to understand your story, your goals and build a working relationship that thrives from the very beginning.

Technical SEO

Good Technical SEO is the start of any successful website.

That's why we will conduct a full technical audit of your website to assess every issue that is hindering search engines from crawling / indexing your site.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

We will conduct and comprehensive competitor analysis and keyword research report.

This will be the foundation necessary to optimise your website for keywords that have the most revenue generating potential for your business.

Content Marketing

In depth blogs, articles and guides are a phenomenal way to boost authority in your niche.

Our team of writers will curate content that ranks highly on Google, answers searchers burning questions and funnels curious visitors into paying customers.


Backlinks from quality websites are seen as ‘votes’ for your business.

As Google sees a high number of quality backlinks, it will prioritise your website over others as you have established a high level of trust online.

That's why our team of experts will ensure that backlinks to your site systemically grow overtime with our bespoke outreach methods.

Get-Found By Aberdeen Customers With Local SEO

Whether you are in Old Aberdeen or up in Bridge Of Don, you’ll need a local strategy to engage with your community and boost the reputation in your area. 

Did you know that 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly website?

We get excited when we help small businesses in Aberdeen because we know how powerful Local SEO tactics can be.  

By optimising your site for mobile, developing a strong ‘Google My Business’ profile and establish a specific social media marketing campaign, you’ll find that customers will start approaching you in the spur of the moment. As their buying intent is already set, they are significantly more likely to find their way to your store and make the beloved purchase.

We explain how our bespoke SEO services can have a huge impact on your marketing.

SEO In Aberdeen FAQ's

SEO is a strategy that improves your site’s position in search engine results. Your target audience will be searching for products and services like yours using specific keywords and phrases. Therefore, it’s necessary to optimise for these terms to put you in good stead for a high search ranking and increase your leads and sales.

If you want your site to be more visible online, then yes. As an SEO agency, it’s our duty to enhance your overall SEO ranking so you have the opportunity to gain more leads for your business. Like anything, you can learn anything yourself. However, in the ever changing world of SEO, it will take you years to master, even by doing it full time. By relying on a trusted SEO company, you can fast track the process of attracting more customers to your site, leading to more conversions for your business. 

SEO is known to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies in the industry right now. Instead of relying on paid marketing techniques, SEO helps your business grow organically. SEO helps your website rank higher on search engines, save costs on paid advertising fees and generate high quality, consistent organic traffic to your website for the long run.

Implementing good SEO will help your business right away. It usually takes 3-6 months before you start to reap the more prominent benefits of SEO.

This is because it takes time to build up your business’s online presence in order for you to succeed and gain more organic leads and traffic. Be wary of anyone telling you of quick fixes. Have faith in the process!

Far from it. In fact, 53% of all website traffic comes from organic searches – so as a business owner, you want to remain relevant in the digital world in order for your business to grow organically. If you are looking to thrive in the digital age and want to benefit from high quality organic traffic in the long run – SEO is a must for your business.


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