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With over 60 happy clients investing in our SEO services across the UK – you can rely on us to improve your SEO and boost revenue through your online efforts.

Get-Found is an established SEO agency in Birmingham that has helped multiple businesses grow to new heights.

The question is – will you let us help you next?

SEO Agency Birmingham
It's time to get found in Birmingham

It's Time To Get Found In Birmingham

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Looking For The Best Birmingham SEO Company?

Not only are we  ‘born and bred’ in Birmingham, but we’re passionate about seeing businesses generate the leads, sales and revenue that they deserve!

Why don’t you have a look at our testimonials? And see what we are about!

As a SEO company in the West Midlands with over 25+ years of experience between us – here are just a few of the areas we serve:

Looking For The Best Birmingham SEO Company?

Find SEO Success In Birmingham

Higher Google Rankings
Top Google Rankings

Rank highly for the keywords that your customers are typing in on Google.

Increased Organic Traffic
Grow Organic Traffic

Increase visibility and watch your quality organic traffic that grow month on month.

Increase leads, sales and revenue
Leads, Sales & Revenue

Bolster conversions and turn site visitors into paying customers.


Increase Brand Awareness
Boost Brand Awareness

Develop brand awareness and attract new customers online!

Boost Revenue For Your Birmingham Business

Boost Revenue For Your Birmingham Business

Did you know that over 50% of organic searches drive all website traffic?

As we emerge into our digital age, you need to find a way to appear where your customers are searching, stay there and generate an influx of customers month on month.

That’s why ranking at the top of Google with SEO is one of the most effective ways to boost brand awareness, increase sales and grow your business.

As a small business owner, you’ll need a team of fully dedicated SEO experts that have an arsenal full of SEO strategies that work. (Hint – that’s us!)

We Only Practise What We Preach!

Finding an SEO agency In Birmingham that delivers, can be quite a challenge.

That’s where Get-Found comes in to help!

No shady tricks. Just tried and tested Birmingham SEO services. We are a full service agency that uses white hat SEO tactics to put smiles on our clients faces.

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We're An All SEO Company in Birmingham

We Help You Grow Organically & Achieve Greatness Online

Get-Found is a Birmingham based Digital Marketing agency that specialises in SEO and serves clients across the UK. We began our journey by gaining a huge reputation in our city as a fast-growing, reliable SEO agency that was able to produce outstanding results for all of our clients. 

Since 2019, we’ve taken off in all major cities across the UK. Our SEO team are here to help you with your marketing needs by offering Social Media, PPC advertising, and Public Relations services for all types of businesses, big or small. 

With our dynamic level of expertise, you can improve all aspects of your website to build your authority online and take full advantage of the revenue growth available in this rapidly expanding digital age. 

Our SEO consultants have helped our clients enhance their visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and take their online business to new heights. 

We explain how our bespoke SEO services can have a huge impact on your marketing.

Local SEO Birmingham

Maybe you are a brick and mortar business that wants to rank in Google’s ‘3 map-pack’ and generate quality leads from local customers nearby.

We can help with that! In fact, we’ve done it for ourselves. 

With the right local SEO strategy, we’ll help you become the ‘number one’ local business for your niche.

The Best SEO Services In Birmingham

We ensure that your site is built to succeed, with no hindrances for users or search engines.

If you’re focused on generating business in your local area, we’ll help you generate leads from potential customers nearby. 

We can build SEO campaigns for multiple countries, and ensure that your brand is prepared to reach a global audience.

We’ll ensure that you have an SEO campaign that will drive traffic and generate sales for your eCommerce store.

Mobile SEO
Mobile SEO

We’ll enhance your mobile performance for flawless user experience. 

We’ll tailor our strategy to help your dental practice appear higher in search engine results.

What Is SEO & How Does It Work?

What Is SEO & How Does It Work?

Search Engine Optimisation is a process that optimises your website according to a set of best practices so that it ranks highly when people search for a product or service related to your business in Google, Bing, or any other search engine. You are 100% more likely to attract new and existing customers if your pages appear more prominently in search results.

For example, you are probably reading this page right now because you typed in something similar to “SEO agency in Birmingham” or “ SEO company Birmingham”.

Customers in need of your services may type in something similar to what you have to offer, so it’s essential that you appear right at the top of Google to ensure you are right in the mix when searchers are determining which websites to click on.

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How We Do SEO In Birmingham

Keyword & Competitor Research

We will conduct a full, state of the art keyword research. 

Well assess your competitors and target keywords that contain high business value for your website.

Tried & Tested Technical SEO

You wont have a fighting chance without technical SEO.

Thats why we ensure all of the technical foundations are set and your site is built to succeed.

Bespoke Content Marketing

Writing blogs is a phenomenal way to grow your business and establish authority in your industry.

Our team of content writers will focus on adding value to your audience and in return, generating high-quality traffic to your site.

Focus On User Experience

Consider what your customers want. If you prioritise the needs of your visitors, you're more likely to keep them on your site and convert them into regular, paying customers.


Link-Building For The Long Term

Google loves to see backlinks from high-authority sites.

As your backlink profile grows, Google will prioritise your website over others as you  establishe a high level of trust online.

Why is SEO important?

Does My Business Need SEO In 2023?

Over 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine – resulting in billions of searches every day.

Without SEO, you’re likely to get lost among your competitors who appear more prominently in the search results. That’s why investing in SEO will help generate more visibility for your brand, with a larger audience finding your website organically.

This gives you an audience of people who are looking for what you’re offering. By getting in front of these people, you have the potential to transform your business. A tailored campaign developed by our SEO consultants will help get you ahead of the pack.


SEO is a strategy that improves your site’s position in search engine results. Your target audience will be searching for products and services like yours using specific keywords and phrases. Therefore, it’s necessary to optimise for these terms to put you in good stead for a high search ranking and increase your leads and sales.

If you want your site to be more visible online, then yes. As an SEO agency, it’s our duty to enhance your overall SEO ranking so you have the opportunity to gain more leads for your business. Like anything, you can learn anything yourself. However, in the ever changing world of SEO, it will take you years to master, even by doing it full time. By relying on a trusted SEO company, you can fast track the process of attracting more customers to your site, leading to more conversions for your business. 

SEO is known to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies in the industry right now. Instead of relying on paid marketing techniques, SEO helps your business grow organically. SEO helps your website rank higher on search engines, save costs on paid advertising fees and generate high quality, consistent organic traffic to your website for the long run.

Implementing good SEO will help your business right away. It usually takes 3-6 months before you start to reap the more prominent benefits of SEO.

This is because it takes time to build up your business’s online presence in order for you to succeed and gain more organic leads and traffic. Be wary of anyone telling you of quick fixes. Have faith in the process!

Far from it. In fact, 53% of all website traffic comes from organic searches – so as a business owner, you want to remain relevant in the digital world in order for your business to grow organically. If you are looking to thrive in the digital age and want to benefit from high quality organic traffic in the long run – SEO is a must for your business.


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