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Have you ever desired to become the ‘go to’ business when people are searching for your product or service in the local area?

That’s where Local SEO comes in.

With 78% of local searches on mobile leading to an offline purchase, Local SEO will help your business to appear more prominently in local search results on Google.

By improving your local search presence, you’re almost guaranteeing your business to continuously gain more website visits. If you are looking to increase your long term sales to residents and visitors in your surrounding area, local SEO is for you.

Local SEO Services UK
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Local SEO Optimisation Services

Local SEO Packages

Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are for local products, services, or information?

Having a Local SEO package can hugely benefit a business that operates in a physical location or serves a geographical area. By appearing in the top three listings on Google maps for a  keywords related to your business, you put yourself in good stead to generate more leads from potential local customers. 

In just the last 3 years, Get-Found has managed to produce amazing results for all of our clients across the UK. As a leading local SEO Agency  we pride ourselves in helping you achieve your marketing goals. Whether its Search Engine Optimisation, PPC or Social Media, we’ve got you covered. 

Our team are on a mission to helping local businesses rank highly on search results – ensuring that they are the number one choice for their nearby potential customers.

We're An Established Digital Marketing Agency That Specialises in local SEO

Get-Found strives to increase your organic leads, traffic and visibility by successfully optimising your website.

70% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their home.

By choosing the correct keywords for your business along with a carefully planned local SEO strategy, your online presence will begin to increase organically, leading to more conversions and long term customer retention.

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What is Local Search Engine Optimisation?

Did you know that 46% of all searches on Google include local intent?

Let’s say you own a restaurant in Central London. People who are looking to eat close by may search for “Restaurant near me” or “Best food in Central London” on Google. Consumers are searching for a local service that you can offer. 

Local SEO is extremely powerful because the searchers purchasing intent is already set.

In this case, the searcher has already decided that they want to eat. They don’t need convincing that they need food! You just need to be in the best position on the search results for them to choose your restaurant. 

As SEO experts, it is our duty to ensure that your restaurant would be at the top of Google. Good local SEO will help you stand out from your competitors, helping you to generate organic leads and improve your brand awareness in your community. 

What Is Local Search Engine Optimisation?
Why Local SEO Is Important To Your Business​

Why Is Local SEO Important For My Business?

When people nearby are searching for services related to your business, you’ll want to have an optimised local profile so that Google showcases your website as the most relevant business to satisfy their searchers needs.

Leads generated from a local SEO strategy are essential. Since they are coming from people specifically looking for your product or service nearby, you can expect a high conversion rate. 

By optimising your ‘Google My Business’ (GMB) profile, it is more likely that your business will be perceived as trustworthy if searchers have essential information at hand and quality reviews to look at. 

There are other SEO strategies that can help improve your website ranking, such as link building and digital PR. By registering your business on citation sites and other directories, you’ll able to generate more traffic to your website.

Local SEO For Small Businesses

By opting for a Local SEO Package with Get-Found you will be getting all of the relevant and necessary optimisations to ensure your business shows up to local customers.

For example, if you are a builder in Birmingham, we can provide SEO for local builders. We will look for service-specific keywords that are have a high search volume in your area. An example of this might be “Affordable builder in Birmingham”. This means that when local customers search for your service, you will be found in the search results. A local SEO package also includes backlinks and citation bursts to help build your websites credibility which can again help to increase rankings.

What is The Difference Between SEO & Local SEO?

SEO is more of a generalised umbrella term that also encompasses local SEO. Recognising this difference, and using strategies specifically to aid your local SEO will highly benefit your business. By implementing a holistic SEO approach, you put yourself in a better position to secure quality leads.

Local SEO is more focused on the audience within a nearby proximity to your store and helps you to target them effectively. 

Generalised SEO still aims to improve your rankings in organic search results – but is focused on your overall presence online.

Knowing and utilising the basics of SEO and local SEO strategies is a good start for any business looking to increase their organic traffic and invest in their long term success. 

What is The Difference Between SEO & Local SEO?

Need A Local SEO Expert?

Dental SEO

Increase Leads

We will help you to increase leads and booked patients for your key treatments. To do this we will complete treatment specific optimisation to increase traffic.
Mobile SEO

Improve Foundations

A big part of Google’s algorithm is Technical SEO. If your website has not been technically optimised you will struggle to rank. We will conduct a technical audit and action solutions to ensure you have the best foundation possible.

Increase Traffic

We will increase the traffic to your website. This will help to build brand exposure and also to attract more potential leads and patients.
Technical SEO

Mobile SEO

Over 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices. SEO for mobile devices refers to optimising websites for search engines along with seamless viewing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
Improve customer base

Improve Customer Base

With the monthly leads coming through from SEO optimisation, you will be able to grow your customer base. Potential new patients that book in could then become regular patients who use your practice exclusively.

Local SEO

If you’re focused on generating business in your local area, our Local SEO campaigns are tailored to ensure that you can increase your visibility in your immediate area.
What Are Local Citations

What Are Local Citations?

Local citations can have an extremely positive effect in regards to your local search rankings. The number of quality citations to your business, the quality of the platforms they are featured on and the accuracy of listing data all influence these rankings. 

Search engines like Google amass data about each business. If the information they collect is accurate, the search engine validates the businesses credibility.

This is believed to strengthen the business’ chance of ranking highly. If the data is inconsistent, Google will wonder why – affecting your rankings. 

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

The future is mobile. 

Mobile-friendly websites tend to rank better on Google as mobile searches become more prominent. A poor mobile experience can be detrimental to your site as it risks the chances of being penalised. 

With nearly 60% of searches being carried out via mobile, we help ensure that your website is optimised for mobile. This is essential if you want to provide a captivating user experience and therefore, boost your rankings and conversion rates.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?


Why Rely On Get-Found?

Why Rely On Get-Found?

Get-Found is dedicated to maximising your brand’s recognition. Our tried and tested local strategies help you gain more leads and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Keeping up with the latest marketing trends and SEO is our responsibility as Google constantly changes its search engine algorithms. Our team of specialists is always improving and discovering new way to increase your business’s revenue and brand recognition.

Contact us today for more information on the outstanding SEO management services we have to offer! 

'Google My Business' Optimisation

Did you know that 86% of customers use Google Maps to find local businesses?

The goal of Google Maps marketing is simply to enhance your business’ presence on Google Maps. By doing so, your business can grow significantly as you gain exposure to those looking for your services

You would be surprised how many businesses are invisible on Google Maps because they haven’t linked their GMB (Google My Business) dashboard. 

By allowing us to optimise your business on Google Maps, you’ll start increasing your sales and gaining more traffic from your nearby residents, or visitors.

Google Maps Optimisation
Local SEO for Dentists

Local SEO For Dentists

Let’s say you are a dentist in Birmingham. First of all – you’ll want to check out our Dental SEO page and see how we’ve revolutionised dental practises across the country.

Dental practices should be following a local SEO strategy if they want to be easily discoverable for patients online.

This involves looking for treatment keywords that also have your area attached. For example, if your practice is based in Birmingham we will look for location-specific search terms for your industry and area.

This may look like optimising your composite bonding page for your area by implementing keywords such as ‘Composite Bonding Birmingham”.

This means that when patients in your area search for specific treatments you will be easily discoverable in the search engine results.

Local SEO FAQ's

Search Engine Optimisation for local searches is a method for increasing traffic, leads, and brand awareness for a website within your local area. The goal of local SEO is to generate quality leads from people searching for your services in your specific area. For example, if you are a coffee shop, you will want to appear right at the top of the local search when someone searches for something like ‘coffee near me’ (which is a lot by the way!)

If your business offers a service in a physical locations or that serve geographic regions, you will greatly benefit from local SEO. When someone makes a local search, a map with three listings appears underneath any important keywords related to your business. This is called a map pack. If you have a brick or mortar store, and offer a service to a particular area – you are missing out without a tailored local SEO plan.

Did you know that Local searches result in purchases around 28% of the time? With ‘Near me’ searches going through the roof on mobile phones over the last few years – it is absolutely vital that you are appearing to those who are looking for your services nearby. Without an effective local SEO strategy, you are certainly missing out on potential customers coming through your doors.

The tasks that go along with local SEO include finding local keywords, optimising a business’s Google My Business profile, Google Maps Optimisation and building citations containing your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). It is important that your business’ information is consistent across the web – giving Google a good reason to showcase you to its users making local searches.


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