International SEO is the process of optimising your website so that search engines can identify which countries you want to target, as well as which languages you use for business.


International SEO is the process of optimising your website so that search engines can identify which countries you want to target, as well as which languages you use for business. If a large number of your website traffic comes from a different country than where you’re located, it would be beneficial to make some changes to your website to create a better experience for these visitors. To create a site that specifically targets a different country and language ad is completely internationalised, you’ll need to focus on three main areas; internationally friendly URL, Language Targeting and Content.


Having an internationally friendly URL structure will make your site more accessible to these customers. If they can not successfully access your site, you will lose this traffic and the potential custom. There are a few URL structures we can employ to target a particular country with your website. They include using a country code top-level domain, a subdomain, a subdirectory or a subfolder. Sometimes you may need to use a completely different domain name entirely. Changing your URL can be tricky and have detrimental effects on your website if done incorrectly. It’s always best to seek the help of an SEO expert if you’re unsure.


You can create language meta tags or create code that indicates to Google which languages your content is available in. Again, this can be tricky and cause negative effects on traffic if done incorrectly. Here at Get Found, our team of SEO experts are highly experienced in website code and can assist you in language-targeting your website.

Its also good practice to ensure everything from your content to site navigation is in the primary language of the region you’re targeting. It’s always best to have this redirect as an option for the user rather than to automatically redirect them based on location. You don’t know without asking if they are not English speaking. We advise staying away from online translation tools or “machine translations’ as they are not generally accurate enough.

Tailor Website Content to Your
Target User’s Culture

You’ll also need to ensure you’re providing information with this is suited to your target audiences. Ensuring that you have the local language as well as the currency and time zone, will help users know they’re on the right site. These, together with contact information such as addresses and phone numbers send signals to users and search engines that this website is targeting a specific country/language.

You should also think about the design aspects of your website and its content. Different regions look at things like colour, layout and style in very different ways. You’ll want to ensure that you are keeping with modern trends within that region. By making it clear that your page is for them, your increasing the chances of your traffic becoming users who have a positive experience on your website. This will aid in them becoming potential customers

International Targeting

Implemented properly, international SEO targeting should be nearly invisible to users. Relevant content, in the required language, should be available to users within the region when applicable. These signals and strategies should be implemented to help search engines show the right content to the right people. Google will only know you want to target these different countries and languages if you tell it so. Other International SEO signals can include:

  • Hosting your site on a local IP
  • Linking to local content
  • Building links from local resources
  • Finding ways to rank on local search engines
  • like Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China


If a large amount of your site traffic is coming from a different country but has not been optimised for this, you will lose these users. That’s a large amount of potential custom and traffic to be loosing, potentially monthly. By optimising your site to give these users the best experience, you can ensure there is no business lost.

For help with your sites, International SEO contact Get Found today. Our highly experienced team are on hand to give you professional advice, to aid the best results for your website.