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PPC Specialist – What Do They Do? The Ultimate Google Guide

Aidan Dhaliwal
Digital Marketing Manager
February 9, 2023
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Did you know that 74% of brands say that PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) is a “huge driver for their business’? 

The events of recent years have awakened businesses to the necessity of an optimal online presence. 

In fact, the likes of PPC management, SEO and Social Media Marketing has opened up a realm of incredible opportunity for every business looking to boost leads, generate sales and increase their customer acquisition.

With Google ad campaigns generating an awesome average ROI of (8:1) there is no doubt that demand for skilled, revenue-generating pay per click specialists is on the rise. 

The following Get-Found guide, will help unpack what a PPC specialist does, the essential skills that they should have and the benefits you can expect to reap when hiring one.

The power of PPC

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What does PPC stand for?

PPC stands for Pay-Per Click advertising.

This model operates on the principle that advertisers pay every time a user clicks on an ad.

PPC advertising can be operated on platforms such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. Google Ads is arguably the most popular platform for PPC, because of its huge user base and incredible ability to target users who are directly searching for the products and services that businesses offer.

In simple terms, PPC is an extremely effective digital advertising model for businesses looking to quickly gain exposure to their target audience and drive some form of a profitable conversion – most likely consultations, bookings, sales and increased traffic. 

If you’d like a more in depth guide to how PPC works, check out this link here.

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What is a PPC specialist?

A PPC specialist is a digital marketer who holds expertise in the field of paid search marketing. 

A business may look in house or will decide to work with an expert to maximise their online advertising efforts and increase revenue.

A specialist would usually be hired on behalf of a client/organisation to create, implement and manage a tailored PPC campaign with a specific set of conversions in mind.

What Does A PPC Specialist Do?

What Are The Main Roles Of A PPC Specialist?

Here are 5 of the main responsibilities of a PPC expert:

1. Keyword Research

A specialist will conduct specific, relevant and targeted keyword research for ad campaigns.

This is all done with the aim to target keywords that target the transactional intent of the potential customer as well as finding keywords with an optimal CPC (cost-per-click) that works within the clients budget.

2. Create Ad Copy

A specialist will use their knowledge to create compelling written copy that shows up in the ad title, description and on the landing page. 

This will all be created with the goal to persuade, serve and add value to a potential customer in hopes to boost conversions and convert them into a paying customer.

3.  Ad Testing

A specialist will create a variety of different individual ads. This is known as split testing. This is conducted with the aim to test each ads effectiveness and performance.

After analysis, a specialist will then hone in their efforts to utilise their budget to prioritise the most successful variations.

4.  Bid And Budget Management

A specialist will develop a bidding strategy across various campaigns to most efficiently utilise the budget of their client and maximise the return on ad spend (ROAS).

5. Monitor Campaign Performance 

A specialist will assess specific metrics such as click-through-rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC) and conversion rates. As a result, they can make the necessary optimisations to maximise the campaign for best results and then effectively present these findings to their clients.

In summary, by developing bespoke advertising campaigns that effectively serve the right target audience, a PPC expert should ultimately maximise ad spend and generate leads/ conversions/ sales for businesses.

5 benefits of hiring a PPC Expert

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A PPC Expert? 

Hiring an expert to maximise your PPC marketing strategies can come with some huge benefits.

A simple analogy can help us get started. 

Why would you hire an accountant? 

It’s because you know that accounting requires acute specialism to carry out. The results generated from an accountant are so important that you decide against doing it yourself and outsource these efforts with a financial investment.

As a result, you see an effective ROI for your business in the form of finance and tax efficiency. Not to mention, you gain greater opportunity to invest your time into the things that require your specialism and attention.

That’s the exact same for hiring a PPC expert. It takes years of mastery to develop highly targeted search campaigns, so doing it alone would be a massive waste of time and resources.

According to Google, it’s estimated that for every $1 a business spends on an ad, they generate $8 in profits. 

So imagine if you could partner with a seasoned specialist to maximise your £1000 ad spend? 

Here are 5 of the most powerful benefits you can expect to reap from the efforts of an established paid search specialist:

Boost ROI:

A PPC expert can help you maximise return on investment on your paid marketing efforts and boost long term revenue for your business.

Boost Efficiency: 

As you outsource your paid search efforts, you’ll gain greater access to your most valuable commodity – time.

Boost Targeting:

With their experience, a specialist can directly target your niche audience and maximise conversions.

Boost Data-Driven Decision Making: 

With a wealth of data and insights available, you’ll be assured of informed, data-driven decisions for your business.

Boost Competitive Advantage: 

A specialist will be informed of the ever changing industry trends, best practices and algorithm updates. This will make sure you can stay ahead of your competition, who are most likely using their own ad campaigns to boost their business.

Looking For A Paid Search Specialist?

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Which Is Better: SEO Specialist or PPC Specialist?

This is a brilliant question – however, there is no right or wrong answer!

This really depends on your marketing goals, budget and time frame.

Like we have already discussed, PPC is perfect for businesses looking to find instant exposure to their target audience and generate quick results. 

For example, let’s say that you are a dental practice that is looking to attract more patients in the next 30 days. PPC would be a great option for you. 

As long as you have the right budget and lead generation systems in place, paid search would be a great way to gain quick exposure to people searching for treatments such as ‘invisalign near me’ or ‘best composite bonding treatment’

SEO is different and is much more of a long term approach to marketing. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website in order to rank highly on search engines and benefit from increased organic traffic. 

Let’s say that you are a new website selling the latest fishing equipment and want to generate passive traffic from Google. 

An SEO specialist would help you create a strategy for you to start ranking for relevant keywords such as ‘custom bait lines’ or ‘high-quality fishing reels’.

Depending on multiple factors, SEO would most likely take up to 3-6 months to start seeing results due to the nature of the technical, on-page, content marketing and link building strategies that are needed to abide by search engine algorithms and pass competitors in the search results. 

With some time, your new fishing website could rank for highly competitive keywords, generate a high level of passive Google traffic and convert curious visitors into customers for the long term!

So in short, there is no ‘better specialist’ – it just depends on your overall marketing goals, time frame and plans for the future.

Here are the skills that a ppc specialist should have

11 Essential Skills That A PPC Specialist Should Have:

So here we have it – probably the most important part of the guide.

If you are looking to become an expert or you are looking to hire someone to boost your paid search efforts, here are 11 of the most essential skills a PPC specialist should have in their arsenal:

1. Industry knowledge: 

Specialists will be up to date with industry trends, changes in PPC best practices, and new technologies. 

2. Budget-control:

PPC advertising can be an expensive investment. Specialists use budget control to ensure that the cost of advertising does exceed the client’s set budget limit and allocate to the most effective channels.

3. Client Relationship Management:

PPC specialists work closely with their clients. With paid search, there are constant tweaks that will need to be made with ad copy, landing pages and budget control, depending on client preferences.

That is why it is essential that a specialist has good time management skills and is skilled at delivering, receiving and acting upon concise feedback.

4. Communication:

Similarly to the above point, communication with clients is integral to a PPC specialists role. 

What if the campaign doesn’t go to plan? What if technical issues emerge that aren’t part of the specialist’s role? You shouldn’t be seen as just a number. An ad specialist should be proactive in informing you quickly of any problems and willing to go the extra mile to maximise the investment of your hard earned money.

5. Landing Page Optimisation: 

Your landing page is the heart of a successful PPC campaign. This is the very first thing a potential customer will see when ‘landing’ on your site. 

A specialist will need good understanding of on-page optimisation for site speed, navigation, user experience and conversion rate optimisation as these factors have a direct impact on the likelihood of high conversion rates and the ad quality score (The system that Google uses to rank the order of ads online)

6. Ad Copywriting:

Since time began, writing has been at the core of our human experience when it comes to sales, business and psychology. 

A specialist should have plenty of experience in ad copy writing as this directly correlates with CTRs and conversions and the element of quickly building trust with your potential customer.

7. Customer Journey Mastery:

A search engine like Google has the prime objective of offering the most relevant, efficient experience for its users. Ads that richly satisfy the searcher intent, whilst providing an ‘easy-to-navigate’ customer experience will be prioritised by Google and loved by potential customers. 

8. Use Of Ad Extensions:

Extensions (example below) are a powerful way to utilise an ads maximum potential. The use of relevant buttons and site links are a massive incentive to skyrocket click-through-rates and improve your ad quality score. 

A specialist should have rich experience using these as a part of their portfolio.

Screenshot of extension on a Google Ad

9. Exposure To Paid Social Networks: 

Depending on your niche, business and where your audience resides, will depend on which channel to prioritise your marketing efforts. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Linkedin are popular ad channels that can provide a high R.O.I for specific industries. A specialist should be able to pivot their strategy and be ready to perform on every channel!

10.Targeted Keyword Research: 

Keyword research is an absolutely essential part of marketing management and preparation.

It is an integral part of a PPC specialist’s job to be highly seasoned at using tools like Google Keyword Planner and/or SEMrush to perform extensive keyword research and competitor analysis.

11. Conversion Rate Optimisation: 

You could have a beautiful landing page and the best research, but if you don’t understand why people click, and how people move through their customer journey, you are likely to experience high bounce rates.

A specialist should be able to provide tested CRO insights to ensure your visitors are swiftly becoming subscribers, phone calls or even better – beloved customers.

Conclusion of our guide to what a ppc specialist does


So there you have it! 

You are now equipped with everything you need when it comes to understanding the role of a PPC specialist, the benefits of working with them and the essential skills that they should have.

Over 230.5 million people are shopping online today – not to mention that this number is steadily increasing year over year.

As a result, there has never been a better time to thoroughly invest in your company’s PPC advertising!

If you are looking for a profitable and effective way of getting in front of new customers online, generating quality leads and boosting your revenue – it’s time to rely on a top PPC specialist to do the heavy lifting.

Good news. Get-Found has a whole team of them!

Click the button below and get your FREE PPC audit & consultation today! 

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Aidan Dhaliwal
Digital Marketing Manager
Hi I’m Aidan! I am a SEO & digital marketing manager at Get-Found. It’s my job to create strategies to generate leads and sales through your website…(read full bio)
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