Birmingham SEO Agency

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an integral part of a digital marketing strategy, as it focuses on building your online visibility through generating traffic to your website directly from search engines. Ensuring that your site is at the top of search results for queries your potential audience is searching for is a fantastic way to increase your visibility and generate more conversions

Why Should I Invest in SEO?

Improve Your Visibility: Investing in SEO will help generate more visibility for your brand, with a larger audience finding your website through organic search. This gives you an audience of people who are looking for what you’re offering – getting in front of these people is vital, and a tailored SEO campaign will ensure that you’re able to.

Generate More Conversions: With the increase in targeted traffic coming to your site, as well as having a website optimised to guide users towards converting, you’ll be able to generate further conversions and revenue.

Our SEO Services

Local SEO

If you’re focused on generating business in your local area, our Local SEO campaigns are tailored to ensuring that you can increase your visibility in your immediate area.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO audits ensure that the foundations of your website are in place and that your site is built to succeed, with no hindrances for users or search engines.

International SEO

If your brand is targeting multiple countries, we can build SEO campaigns for each target country, and ensure that your brand is properly positioned to reach a global audience.

Ecommerce SEO

With an online store, it’s key to ensure that you have an SEO campaign that will drive traffic and generate revenue.

Our SEO Strategy

At Get Found, we ensure that all of the work we do is completely tailored to you. No checklists, no boilerplate content, but work that is built with your goals and objectives at the forefront.

When you work with Get Found, you’ll get the expertise of a team with years of experience in the SEO industry who have all worked in a wide array of industries.

We will conduct extensive research to identify your target audience and how we can best reach them, conduct a full technical audit of your website to ensure that we can properly optimise it for these users, and use other elements of our expertise – such as Digital PR and PPC – to ensure that you’re being put in a position to drive more traffic and generate more revenue.